About this project:

Imaginary e-commerce site made with MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js and Node.js.

Implementation informations:

  • Uses PayPal as payment processors.
  • Sets up and captures transactions on server.
  • Keeps transaction informations in database together with shipping details, ordered items and buyer.
  • Protected API endpoints for inspecting orders, both per user and globally for administrator.
  • Protected API endpoints for adding, updating and deleting products.
  • Full login and registration system.
  • Full cart system.
  • User can see their previous orders on front end.

How to run this project:

  • Copy client/.env to client/.env.local.
  • Copy server/.env.example to server/.env.
  • Client's environment variable VUE_APP_ROOT_API should match server's SITE_URL.
  • On server environment variables SITE_URL and PORT should be compatible.
  • Navigate to client and run npm run serve.
  • Navigate to server and run npm run start.