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* Basic PayPal buttons integration...Mateja2021-07-252-2/+37
* Add favicon and change html title.Mateja2021-07-252-6/+4
* Allow product removal on Checkout page.Mateja2021-07-253-3/+9
* Product page shows amount of product in cart.Mateja2021-07-252-31/+59
* Added jsconfig.Mateja2021-07-251-0/+9
* Sort cart in getter.Mateja2021-07-251-1/+1
* Show number of items that can be checked out.Mateja2021-07-252-2/+11
* Boilerplate checkout cart.Mateja2021-07-253-4/+60
* Product page show single product details.Mateja2021-07-241-9/+32
* Center product cards.Mateja2021-07-241-1/+1
* Fetch products inside Vuex and display them using `ProductCard`Mateja2021-07-245-11/+52
* Use `.env` file.Mateja2021-07-241-0/+1
* Added boilerplate pages and `ProductCard` component.Mateja2021-07-2412-32/+299
* Remove `_variables.scss`.Mateja2021-07-202-1469/+2
* Added Bootstrap 5.Mateja2021-07-086-6/+1539
* Added frontend boilerplate...Mateja2021-07-0814-0/+12482