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* Return status 400 when failing to register user.Mateja2021-07-241-1/+1
* Return token on registration, return admin status on login, 404 on userMateja2021-07-241-2/+9
* Tracking orders in database.Mateja2021-07-201-11/+42
* Added Order model.Mateja2021-07-201-0/+50
* Added application_context(brand_name) and capture logging.Mateja2021-07-201-0/+8
* Setup transaction using provided items.Mateja2021-07-161-24/+42
* Setup and capture test transactions.Mateja2021-07-163-7/+62
* Added necessary variables to `.env.example`Mateja2021-07-151-0/+4
* Setup `siteUrl` environment variable.Mateja2021-07-152-0/+2
* Setup transaction routes.Mateja2021-07-152-0/+18
* Added PayPal config file.Mateja2021-07-154-1/+33
* Add CORS support.Mateja2021-07-113-0/+13
* Serve uploaded images.Mateja2021-07-111-0/+1
* Finished products controller.Mateja2021-07-112-8/+48
* Add default image for products.Mateja2021-07-112-1/+1
* Accept only images with max size of 10MB.Mateja2021-07-111-1/+13
* Saving images using Multer.Mateja2021-07-114-11/+170
* Added Product routes, model and boilerplate controller.Mateja2021-07-115-10/+68
* Implemented JWT authentication using Passport.jsMateja2021-07-107-1/+88
* Backend boilerplate code...Mateja2021-07-099-0/+1805